Kevin J. Fleming, PhD

Kevin J. Fleming, Ph.D. is President & CEO of Grey Matters International, Inc., an international neuroleadership consultancy and coaching firm.  He is also the founder of “Assumptive Coaching”, an integrative model aimed at challenging the thinking underneath one’s thinking around change and complex systems inherent in decision making.

Dr. Fleming is also a well known critic on the ineffectiveness of business training, therapeutic, and coaching industries.

He received his B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame in clinical psychology, as well as completed a Postdoctoral Residency in Consulting Psychology from the University of Wyoming.

Fleming’s work for the past ten years has been devoted to refining “the neuroscience of leadership and behavior change in society” and assisting people in having the critical conversations that are driven by the internal dialogue within.

Utilizing alignment principles of human nature, virtues/ethics, and working with the ways of the brain, he is in the practice of moving individuals, partnerships, families, and teams away from rote behavior toward areas of creativity and shared accomplishment.

“A man of unusually acute insight,

a much sought after executive coach … “



“A wonderfully different and authentic approach

from the shrink who doesn’t like shrinks.”

Richard Koch, Bestselling Author of THE 80/20 PRINCIPLE

Fleming’s work produces profound behavioral and ethical changes, affirmed by its beneficiaries.   He is an active critic of the 100 billion dollar a year training and coaching industry, which in general has little to show in terms of ROI.

Fleming’s clientele includes such notables as a prominent Asian-American billionaire, a former White House official, top ranking CEOs, Hollywood executives, Juilliard musicians, politicians, and even NFL players and other professional athletes.

He has produced an e-learning product for Targeted Learning Corporation, sharing the spotlight of innovative web-based seminars with the likes of Marcus Buckingham and Stephen Covey.

His radical call to transform on a meta-level the “thinking of business thinking” has been far reaching, as evident in a recent request to speak to the Ministers and Prime Ministers of Jordan and United Arab Emirates.

The prestigious East West Institute, affiliated with the United Nations, is consulting his expertise on the application of neuroscience to conflict resolution and peace facilitation practices. His work on “decision illusions” has also been of interest to Al Gore’s Climate Project and the President of Mexico.

He has worked at the renowned high profile Beau Monde programs for executive development and transformation, which has been featured in Money magazine (August, 2006).

Dr. Fleming’s writings and expert insights have been featured in some of the widest circulated publications internationally, including The New York Times, New York Daily News, Christian Science Monitor, CNN, Fox News, msn.com, CFO.com, Consumer Health Journal, Prevention Magazine and Physician Executive.  He contributes regularly to Executive Decision Magazine, a national innovative high end thought leadership magazine.

Dr. Fleming was asked to be a contributor to Success Is A State of Mind with renowned spiritual guru Deepak Chopra as well as a chapter contributor for a new 2008 book, Roadmap For Success, featuring Stephen Covey.  His upcoming book, Off The Couch, will be co-authored by Harvard Medical School psychiatrist and business coach, Dr. Srini Pillay and is in process of being pitched as a reality show to Hollywood, one of three TV projects in the works for Dr. Fleming

Dr. Fleming is an active member of the World Business Academy, Institute for Executive Development, and the American Society of Training & Development.

His new book (The Half-Truth High: Breaking the Illusions of the Most Powerful Drug in Life & Business) is now released and available on amazon.com. Features a Foreword by NY Times bestselling author Tom Morris. This book has received noteworthy praise from Patch Adams (from the blockbuster Hollywood film starring Robin Williams), Harvard Business School Emeritus Professor Gerald Zaltman, as well as Dr. Joe Dispenza, featured scientist in the hit underground movie, What The Bleep Do We Know

In his spare time, Dr. Fleming is an accomplished singer/songwriter, guitarist, and studio drummer having worked on recording projects in L.A., Austin, and Nasheville with Mark Hallman (Dan Fogelbergy, Carole King, Shawn Colvin), Mike Purcell (Frank Sinatra, Lionel Ritchie), and various L.A. artists culminating in a performance at the House of Blues with Dennis Quaid’s band.  His second CD release, Glimpse, (www.cdfreedom.com/kevinfleming) featured a tour of Ireland, including a private concert with Nobel Peace Prize winner John Hume.




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