Grey Matters International and join forces to transform the world of virtual “on demand” coaching

June 8, 2010 – Tulsa, USA and Amsterdam, Holland. Coaching on-call, online, virtually and when you need it.  To offer just that, Grey Matters International, Inc., a specialist coaching firm leveraging neuroscience to make personal and corporate behavior change stick, has entered a partnership with, a best in class international change agents directory.’s founder, John Khoury, invited Former neuro-psychologist, author, speaker and executive coach Dr. Kevin Fleming, CEO of Grey Matters International, Inc. to be a featured specialist, given his extensive background as a sought after expert in business and media.

A featured interview with Dr. Fleming on the homepage introduces clients to this unique and powerful neuroscience-oriented way of viewing personal development. If visitors wish to contact Dr. Fleming or other experts they are able to do so directly.

Visitors to have the option to search registered and qualified counselors, coaches, psychologists in cities and countries worldwide. After their research onsite, to book virtual coaching, they can purchase online their preferred medium – phone, video coaching, email or chat sessions; to best match their learning styles, pace of life, and personal and engagement preferences.’s CEO John Khoury said that although phone coaching has been around for well over a decade, no one had yet put a platform together that normalizes all virtual forms of virtual communication, including email, video calls and instant message chat. “We’re excited to be the first not just with this technology, but to bring together all types of change agents into one master database, coaches and practitioners alike.”

“It’s about time we start looking into matching our talents to the real life needs of the people who are seeking them,” said Dr. Fleming. “Many professionals are living off their iPhone or Blackberry, by choice or otherwise; and would love to have a way to communicate ‘with a guru’ as they go through their days. Liquic makes that connection happen like no one else in this field.”

“People want to address work and personal challenges that are right in front of them, in a way that is both practical and in a comfort zone for their individual situation,” he said. “This distinction in “real life” is more theoretical in that people just want what works…period….and most meta-analyses of behavior change show “non specific factors” as being the real driver of change.”

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About Kevin J. Fleming, Ph.D., President/CEO of Grey Matters International, Inc.

Former neuropsychologist Dr. Fleming (BA, MA, and Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame) is a world class coach to a high performance and high profile clientele from Fortune 100 CEOs, to NFL athletes, White House officials and Hollywood personalities.  He is a cited expert in The New York Times, Christian Science Monitor and CNN, among others; and a contributor and blogger to The Huffington Post.

Dr. Fleming has contributed to anthologies by Deepak Chopra and Stephen Covey and is the author of ‘The Half-Truth High: Breaking the Illusions of the Most Powerful Drug in Life & Business’.  He has advised cabinet members of the King of Jordan and was invited to contribute his neuroscience knowledge to a eco-conference attended by the President of Mexico.

About is a comprehensive online health and wellness resource for individuals seeking a better quality of life, providing access to coaches, psychologists, yoga instructors, dieticians, fitness experts, relationship therapists, counselors and financial advisors; regardless of physical location.

Liquic was founded by now- CEO John Khoury, whose educational background, interests and experiences in psychology, personal development, health and science led him to bring human and information technologies to assist and guide people worldwide. By merging traditional psychology, the practical hands-on touch of coaching and counseling, and the exciting techniques of alternative and holistic wellness, Liquic is a gateway to improved overall wellbeing.

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