To Self-Destruct in Public View, Or Use Celebrity Fire-Power for Public Good?

Media Release

Grey Matters International and A’Dunte’ & Associates Announce

Strategic Alliance to Support High Profile Professionals, Athletes and Entertainers

MAY 30, 2010 – TULSA, OK. and DENVER, CO. – Grey Matters International, Inc. an innovator in decision-making technology and assessments for high performers, and A’Dunte’ & Associates, a sports and entertainment engagement marketing firm building socially conscious professionals, today announced a strategic alliance.

With an escalation in media and public attention on famous personalities displaying what can only be described as ‘questionable behavioral choices’, Grey Matters International and A’Dunte’ & Associates have created highly specialized solutions to prevent, then all-importantly sustain, positive choices in elite professionals’ decision-making.

Both companies work with high profile individuals such as politicians, Hollywood entertainers and industry insiders, sports stars; and corporate high achievers. In a world where high profile decisions can make or break a high profile career, the new alliance will provide cutting-edge character and performance reformation platforms that “overhaul” the traditional paradigm of what it means to be a successful public figure in society.

Some of the following recent headlines will be familiar:

  • New York Post Welcomes Tiger Woods Back with “Urgent Public Safety Message:  Warning: Tiger Woods on the loose.  Lock Up The Waitresses.”
  • Lindsay Lohan just walked out of the L.A. County Courthouse sporting a brand new fashion accessory — her court-ordered SCRAM alcohol monitoring bracelet.”
  • “A Ben-ace to society: Here’s hoping Goodell lowers boom on Roethlisberger.”

And these are just the stories we hear about. In creating a “full systems” solution to this widespread trend, Grey Matters’ CEO Dr. Kevin Fleming and A’Dunte’ & Associates head Darius Walker believe that such poor decisions are made by high profile individuals in a deliberate manner, practiced consistently over time.

“There are teams of minders and publicists working furiously behind the scenes to keep their celebrity clients’ escapades and misfortunes out of the public eye; let alone family and friends who are often futilely trying to ‘reach’ that person. But ultimately, only that individual can change their behavior and destructive patterns” said Dr. Fleming.


Former Denver Bronco’s and Houston Texans player Walker comments that the media exacerbate these negative incidences at the cost of “good athletes” who serve society through acts of generosity and charity. “There are many high profile positive role models, who rarely get the air time and yet are equally influential to the world.”

“Wider afield, as the world’s top athletes compete over summer in sporting contests on the scale of the imminent FIFA World Cup, Wimbledon’s tennis and the annual scandal-tainted Tour De France, we are reminded just how little we know about the person underneath the physical force shown on TV screens around the globe” said Dr. Fleming. What are their wishes for using their gifts beyond both winning and financial rewards? Is there someone, some cause, somewhere they are playing for that no one knows about, let alone themselves?”

The preventative work of A’Dunte’ & Associates, which concentrates on working with high profile figures interested in investing in their “PR capital” earlier in their career, is a key component to begin this change process.  Once public figures grow in popularity through deliberately making this decision, it is essential to make that decision transformational and not merely transactional – if indeed their interest is character-based and not all about pure image, said Walker.

By partnering with elite clientele interested in branding their careers in this positive light, Grey Matters International provides decision making testing and “philanthropy thinking”, profiling that assists firms like A’Dunte’ & Associates to better serve elite professionals’ unconscious motivators, matching and marketing them more effectively.

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About Kevin J. Fleming, Ph.D., President/CEO of Grey Matters International, Inc.

Former neuropsychologist Dr. Fleming (BA, MA, and Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame) is a world class coach to a high performance and high profile clientele, from Fortune 100 CEOs, to NFL athletes, White House officials and Hollywood personalities.  He is a cited expert in The New York Times, Christian Science Monitor and CNN, among others; and has recently been asked to be a contributor to The Huffington Post.

Dr. Fleming has contributed to anthologies by Deepak Chopra and Stephen Covey and is the author of ‘The Half-Truth High: Breaking the Illusions of the Most Powerful Drug in Life & Business’.  He has advised cabinet members of the King of Jordan and was invited to contribute his neuroscience knowledge to a eco-conference attended by the President of Mexico.

About Darius Walker, Owner of A’Dunte’ & Associates

Darius Walker, former NFL player with the Houston Texans and Denver Broncos, is the founder of A’Dunte’ & Associates and its “Sports + Entertainment Innovation” corporate vision. Leveraging his extensive background in sports and entertainment to develop innovative client solutions, Darius is a graduate from the University of Notre Dame, with a Bachelors of Administration degree in marketing.

As an athlete he holds records for the state of Georgia to the University of Notre Dame with honors such as: Georgia Player of the Year, Gatorade Player of the Year, Running Back of the Year and Parade All-American, Most Receptions by a Running Back (Notre Dame), 4th all time in rushing yards (Notre Dame), 3rd in average yards per game (Notre Dame).

In entertainment, Darius hosted the online show “Wednesdays With Walker”, with the Houston Texans, getting up close and personal with professional athletes, team administrators, community leaders, cheerleaders and media; and has been an acclaimed sports commentator for Denver’s CBS 4. His marketing and branding expertise brings broad-based leadership to A’Dunte’s diverse service offerings.

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